How to Apply

We are glad that you chose University of Mazandaran to pursue your education!

On this page, we will help you to successfully complete your application to University of Mazandaran. So, Stay with us.

In order to apply to University of Mazandaran you need to follow the instructions given below:

1. Select the program which you want to apply to.


List of Programs


Note: Keep in mind that in the application process, you can choose three programs.

2. Prepare the required documents before starting the application.

Documents required to apply:

  1. Scan of applicant's photo (passport photo in format and in size)
  2. Scan of first and second pages of the applicant's passport (and all other written and stamped pages)
  3. Scan of graduation degrees and their translations in Persian or English (from high school onwards)
  4. Scan of the transcripts of each level and their translations in Persian or in English (from high school onwards)
  5. Completed Visa form.(Please download this pdf file first and after filling up this fillable pdf file, upolad it in the application system)

Please Note:

  1. It is necessary for the applicants to bring the original documents mentioned in C and D with them and submit them to the Education Office of the UMZ. Clearly, failure in submitting the above documents will terminate the student’s study at UMZ.
  2. If your original academic documents are not in Persian or in English, you will need to get your academic documents translated to either Persian or to English.
  3. Submit your academic documents to the foreign ministry of your country and get their approval. This can be a stamp or a letter from the embassy that approves your documents.
  4. After the documents are approved by your country’s foreign ministry, submit them to the nearest Iranian embassy, or Iranian consulate in your country and get their approval on your documents as well.
    (the embassy may ask for a fee to do this).
  5. After your documents have been approved by your country’s foreign ministry and the Iranian embassy or consulate, you can upload your documents in the application portal.

Also note that:

  • Afghan citizens do not need to translate their documents; they should, however, submit the documents to the Afghan Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Iranian embassy or nearest Iranian consulate to receive their approval.
  • Make sure that the size of each uploaded file does not exceed 2MB and that the total size of the uploaded files is not more than 10 MB.
  • For registering in University of Mazandaran’s short courses , there is no need to translate; confirm or send your academic documents.
  • It is advised that you submit your application request in this portal yourself instead of asking an agent to carry out the affairs for you. By diong this, you will not need to pay extra fees for your agent. Also, please keep in mind that in case you do choose an agent to help you with your applicatoin, please be careful to avoid certain Issues.

3. The application process for studying at University of Mazandaran consists of 9 steps, which we provide you the information needed for each step:

Before starting your application, you need to Sign In to your account. If you do not have an account on UMZ application website yet, create your account from the Sign Up section and start your application by logging into your account.

  • Step 1 - Personal information: Here, you need to enter your personal information in the relevant boxes.
  • Step 2 - Selecting academic priorities: At this stage, after selecting the desired degree, you can choose a maximum of 3 programs in order of priority. It should be noted that your admission is issued based on the priorities that you specify, and it is obvious that admission to any of the priorities will only allow you to study in the same priority.
  • Step 3 - Academic background information: In this step, you enter your academic records of all levels in which you studied from high school onwards; If you studied several times in one level, you can add the box related to the program that you passed.
  • Step 4 - Language Proficiency: In this step, you determine your level of proficiency in the specified language ​​according to the program you have chosen; It should be noted that all programs at University of Mazandaran are offered either in Persian or English.
  • Step 5 - References(if any): If an individual or legal firm has introduced you to the University of Mazandaran, enter the relevant information in this stage.
  • Step 6 - Publications: If you have any publications , you can enter the relevant information in this section.
  • Step 7 - Iranian acquaintance/s: If there is an Iranian person/s you can enter their details in this stage.
  • Step 8 - Family Information: In this step, enter the requested information about your family.
  • Step 9 - Upload Documents: In this step, upload the documents required to apply.

After a successful completion of above steps and submitting the information requested and if your application is made successfully, you will see a message after submission which confirms that your application has been made. You will also receive a confirmation email.